Beaumont Huntingdon

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Trans Social Support  Group

Beaumont Huntingdon

 2019 Meeting Dates







Sat  26th Oct

Sat  23rd Nov  (Xmas Special night)


Due to being the last meeting of the year, we hold a special pre Xmas evening in November.



Beaumont Huntingdon

 2020 Meeting Dates


Sat  25th Jan

Sat  22nd Feb

Sat  28th Mar

Sat  25th Apr

Sat  23rd May

Sat  27th June

Sat  25th July

Sat  22nd Aug

Sat  26th Sept

Sat  24th Oct

Sat  28th Nov

BH Jigsaw Puzzle

The group is open to all members of the Trans  community who dress fully, in their preferred gender and in a socially acceptable manner.


Please note,  we are not a fetish or dating group, and have a strict no admirers policy. As such no fetish or transparent clothing should be worn

Dress code....

Held on the 4th Saturday of each month.

from around 7.30pm